Gasland exposes the realities of fracking

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Title: Gasland
Director: Josh Fox
Cinematography: Josh Fox
Starring: Josh Fox
Runtime:104 mins Rotten Tomatoes Score: 97%
Reney’s Score: 97%

When are we going to learn that if we stick crap into the earth, she’s gonna spit it out right back at us? And that we’re going to end up eating it, drinking it and bathing our children in it? Whether it is garbage in landfills, acid water eating at the foundations of Joburg, or our latest toy, high-pressured, chemically treated, carcinogenic water that is used in the hotly debated fracking practice. It really does make no sense.

In a nutshell
Josh Fox is approached by an oil company to lease his land to them for fracking. They offer him a lot of money, enough to make him suspicious. He decides to investigate and sets off with video camera in hand to the closest county where fracking is being used.

Mood of the film
Josh starts out by being merely intrigued by people being able to set their tap water on fire. Soon the reality of the situation sets in and his mood darkens towards despair.

Best one-liner
A rhetorical question posed by a pro-fracker to Halliburton, the company pioneering fracking: “If you weren’t able to do this hydraulic fracturing, how much more would we be dependent on foreign oil? And terrorism?”

Best performance

Josh is certainly the star of his own documentary, but he is upstaged on a few occasions by some intriguing characters he interviews. I especially enjoyed the auntie keeping dead animals in her freezer as proof.

Horrifying scene

A farmer uses a blowtorch to heat his well water, water both he and his wife drank. The liquid plastic in the water soon turns to small plastic sheets as it melts together!


Not enough people will see this film.

Is the film relevant today?

Come on!


Visit to help stop fracking in South Africa.



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