Fresh off the press: To 100 & beyond by Wynand Gouws

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To 100 & beyond
Wynand Gouws
Publisher: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9781776390267

The number of people living into their late nineties and early hundreds is growing by the day. The notion that you have to retire at 65 is becoming outdated and, more importantly, impractical and even financially hazardous. However, the question remains: How do you provide for yourself should you live to a ripe old age, as is very likely?

Irrespective of where you currently are in life – starting out in your career, approaching retirement, or already retired – living longer fundamentally challenges the traditional mindset of a retirement date being a line drawn in the sand.

To 100 & beyond  provides sound, tried-and-tested advice on how to approach living a longer, financially secure life, including how to invest wisely, generate alternative income streams, handle your tax affairs and plan your estate. Practical, real-life examples make this book an easy-to-understand, highly accessible tool that can help you to achieve financial freedom so that you, too, can live your best life now and into retirement.

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