"Fire" by Jacobus Engelbrecht

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She is that girl that will blow your mind
though her smile might be gentle and kind
From her web, there is no escape
if she has you, it’s already too late
She will point you one way, go the other
She’ll make you wish that you had your mother
So don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time
If life is love, she’ll make you flatline

Fire, she’s the devil in a gown
Fire, she’s gonna take you down
Fire, she will set your heart alight
Fire, it’s a cold kiss good night

It’s getting serious, it’s getting real
You’re running scared now, you wanna squeal
She’s on your tail, you gotta bail
There’s hell to pay if you fail
You gotta decide, will you run and hide?
Or else she’ll be your widow tonight


You might think you’re the perfect match
but let me tell you, you will burn like thatch
She’s been planning this from the start
She is gonna torch your heart


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