Dark Energy: Images from the Hubble Telescope @ CIRCA

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Dark Energy: Images from the Hubble Telescope, opening 28 June 2012 at the Circa Gallery offers a glimpse into the mystery and wonder that surrounds our universe through one of the most important observatories in history – the Hubble Space Telescope.

Since its launch in 1990, hubble has provided us with a view of the universe unlike any ground-based telescope in History. The telescope is positioned above the atmosphere and captures images by blocking the light that reaches earth, thereby transmitting information that has illuminated studies on astronomy and the universe.

As one of NASA’s most thriving and enduring ventures, Hubble has helped scientists to uncover the age of the universe as being between 13 to 14 billion years – a closer estimate than anything before it. Discoveries from the telescope which have helped to turn assumptions about space into solid convictions include: the existence of dark energy that causes the universe to expand at an accelerated pace as well as gamma ray bursts as the incredibly powerful collapse of enormous stars. Hubble has shown scientists galaxies in different stages of development helping them to understand how they are formed. These number just a few of the contributions that the Hubble telescope has made to our quest for answers about the universe in which we live.

Dark Energy at Circa opens simultaneously with Sutherland Reflections at SPEKE photographic. Sutherland Reflections showcases imagery and documentation of an arts initiative by Bronwyn Lace and Marcus Neustetter in association with the Africa meets Africa project. The Project is aimed at creating links between the Sutherland Community and the South African Astronomical Observatory as a means of furthering the development of the area.

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