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"Meat" Reimagined: Hilda Smits

Gary Cummiskey, Hilda Smits 2011-06-06

"Bonfire" Reimagined: Hilda Smits

Gary Cummiskey, Hilda Smits 2011-06-06 Click here to read the poem. Click here for more information about this project.

"In chains" Reimagined: Hilda Smits

Gary Cummiskey, Hilda Smits 2011-06-06  

Gary Cummiskey Reimagined

2011-06-02 LitNet asked a number of artists to send us their visual interpretations of Gary Cummiskey’s poems. 


Gary Cummiskey 2011-06-01 Backpack We have to walk from Jo’burg to Lusaka. We don’t have passports or money – just backpacks and bottled water. And we must get there in two days’ time. Why two days, no one knows – no one ...

In chains

Gary Cummiskey 2011-06-01 In chains I leap down from the building into the fire. The women stand with their breasts in chains. I can’t get to collect my curry supper. The owl is going insane. This is a night of anxiety. I’m on a ...


Gary Cummiskey 2011-06-01 Bonfire Pour on more petrol and watch the flames leap higher. They’ll keep you warm on the night when you have no shelter and an eagle nips at the pit of your stomach. They’ll keep you warm on the night when the ...


Gary Cummiskey 2011-06-01 Watched/watching We were being watched by the people on the boat. We were doing things. We were sticking our fingers in each other’s brains. They were watching us as we watched the samurai on horseback race along the ...

Meat: a film scenario

Gary Cummiskey 2011-06-01 Meat: a film scenario A man was walking down the street. He went into a butchery to buy some meat. As he left, blood was trickling round his feet. The end.

Another version

Kobus Moolman 2011-05-26 Another version Of the same road And it was raining And they had stopped to help ...

One version of the road

Kobus Moolman 2011-05-26 One version of the road And the sun was behind his head And it was much later than he thought And he thought that he had nothing more to say And he did not know whether he should And he thought that he would anyway And the ...

The owl and the swan

Ingrid de Kok 2011-04-07 The owl and the swan For AK and JS A spotted eagle owl swooped on to his Cape Town roof like the vengeance of the Lord, sat there silently for ...


Heidi Henning 2011-04-05 Misheard A border fence in the rain of the Eastern Cape An empty room on the farm A shadow Is where I see you A dune we once jumped over Is where you are A bag of plastic animals Becoming Games There are no more of our games Only chess With changed ...

Why you should never love a poet is because

Richard Higgs 2011-01-26 Why you should never love a poet is because Why you should never love a poet is because It all sounds very romantic and mysterious and exciting, but A poet is self-serving, self-obsessed, self-absorbed; A poet is emotionally expedient, dwarfed and ...

red-winged starlings

Toast Coetzer 2010-09-28 red-winged starlings they hang there for a moment like ninjas in an ang lee film pondering their brilliance the digital dusk on their wings and the parking lot below before unfreezing fast-forwarding up and away towards sleeping trees still to be ...

translating the untranslatable

Karlien van der Schyff 2010-02-10 deciphering your smile ...

In a language that you know

Len Verwey 2008-10-13 I could talk to you morein a late language we both know,sink-scouring double penetration running make-up language,I could believe no matter what you claim,no matter how you change your storyor what you smell of, what places,long closed down, you say ...

NetRaad: Michelle Matthews

Michelle Matthews 2006-12-11 Michelle Matthews dishes out advice to writers starting out

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