Booksnaps Two: Lauren Benatar’s All That You Are

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Another book which has come my way recently is All That You Are by Lauren Benatar. This is Benatar’s personal experience of discovering a new way of looking at the world. As she puts it, her cat would play for hours trying to catch light reflected from a CD cover. In exactly the same way, so many of us chase illusive goals or allow ourselves to be affected by illusive realities which are all just a trick of the light. To put it another way, we so often believe in the values of the material world around us, which does not take into account the more permanent, yet elusive, world of the spirit. This is her account of her journey into the world of self-actualisation and spiritual enlightenment.

Benatar was working in an apparently successful job in media and marketing when she started to feel discontent. Something was missing from her life. She began to learn as much as she could about metaphysics, reading and listening to CDs about the subject. When she finally took the leap of faith two years later and worked up the courage to leave her job, she had learnt enough about following her intuition to help her on her new-found path.

She began to co-ordinate self-development workshops, hiring expensive guest speakers to try and draw crowds. Somehow these never took off as well as she hoped. Benatar finally realised that she’d have to take responsibility for giving the workshops herself.

But first she had to experience a “death of self”, in that she had to give up the overwhelming concern of what others thought about her. After reaching a truly low point in which she looked into the void of existence, she clawed her way out again by defining what she didn’t want from life. She wrote down a list of the things she was bored or disenchanted with, such as “I am bored with the way we work ourselves to death, trying to keep ourselves safe and secure.” Through this experience she found out what she wanted. And what she wanted was, amongst other things, to “understand that we are part of the source of universal abundance so that we can receive whatever we want”.

From this dark night of the soul, Benatar began to develop a new paradigm for how to look at the world. Learning more about Quantum Physics she embraced the maxim of Albert Einstein that “Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.” In other words, Benatar began to look at the world though a “unity consciousness”. To do this means that one has to develop compassion for each and every person on the planet, and, in fact, for the planet itself.

“I recognised that the more I trusted in my Divine Self, the more I knew that I will be supported at every level and things will always turn out magnificently. I got it! Life is meant to be fun and joyful and filled with love,” she explains on page 70.

Benatar’s book is a very personal how-to guide about finding ways of leaving constricting thought patterns behind. It’s simply written and makes for an easily digestible overview of Quantum Theory consciousness. She also explores how relationships created with this new awareness allow each person to “celebrate, inspire, accept, support, respect and love” their partner.

Read this book if you want to find out for the first time what Quantum Theory is all about and how to apply it to your daily life. Or if you have been aware of this new way of approaching the world, read it to refresh and reinspire you on your journey to enlightenment. It’s well worth the read.

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