Michael King

 Michael King is editor of New Contrast.

Review: Bearings by Isobel Dixon

Michael King Books and writers 2016-08-16

"I suppose that what impressed me most about the collection is the display by a poet in full control of both the art and the craft of poetry, revealing a keen mind and an insightful intellect, always light and sparkling, never plodding or ponderous, yet always touching on what is important."

Book review: Wasted by Mark Winkler

Michael King English 2015-06-02

"Mark Winkler’s command of the warp and weft of his  plot, his depiction of place, and his powerful and clear delineations of  character, both Nathan’s and the surrounding characters – all make for a strong  read."

Review: A sportful malice by Michiel Heyns

Michael King 2014-10-02 "A Sportful Malice is a very funny book, fully accomplishing its subtitle 'A Comedy of Revenge'. The high points of comedy and satire are in the dialogue, especially the extended conversations in which Michael unwittingly reveals his pretentions and shallowness."