Mantoa Motinyane

Dr Mantoa Motinyane was born near Bloemfontein in the Free State. She completed her BA degree in African Languages and Linguistics in 1994, and her honours from the University of Cape Town in 1998. She obtained her MA degree and a PhD from the University of Florida in the US. Dr Motinyane-Masoko is a senior lecturer and head of African Languages at UCT.

Seen on Facebook: Talk to the people in one of our languages

Mantoa Motinyane Elders gesien 2020-07-15

"People are wondering why the majority of people are not obeying the new regulations. Up to now there has been absolutely no effort to deliver these 'Fellow South Africans' speeches in local languages ..."

I wish I'd said: an interview with Mantoa Motinyane

Naomi Meyer, Mantoa Motinyane Books and writers 2018-08-08

"What was striking about the different poets was that each one had, at some point in their life, experienced some form of grief, love, birth and hope. These themes came through in all the languages."