Jonathan Jansen

Jonathan D Jansen is a former Vice-Chancellor of several universities, academic and researcher and is currently distinguished professor in the Faculty of Education at the Stellenbosch University.

Gekaapte kampusse

Freek Robinson, Jonathan Jansen Onderhoude 2023-05-03

Freek Robinson gesels met Jonathan Jansen oor die belangrike rol van universiteite in ons samelewing en oor Jansen se boek Corrupted wat ernstige aantygings maak teen sommige instellings in Suid-Afrika.

SU language debate 2021: Inside the anxious world of the taalstryders

Jonathan Jansen Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2021-03-11

"It is yesterday’s battle, and that is why the sense of loss leads to such an emotional, almost visceral response in the few. That is why a little incident in a residence can be catastrophised in Afrikaans newspapers. Afrikaans on campuses, quotas in sports, and gay dominees still sell Afrikaans newspapers."

Why English should be the language of South African universities

Jonathan Jansen Seminare en essays 2013-10-08

Jonathan Jansen, Percy Baneshik Memorial Lecture of 2013: "What English does is level the playing fields in the historically Afrikaans universities for common engagement."