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Blacksheep TV#20: Real name

Blacksheep 2012-03-12 What is your "other" name?

Blacksheep TV#19: Facebook friends

Blacksheep 2012-03-05 If you were in hospital, do you think all 2000 your Facebook friends would come visit you?

Blacksheep TV#18: Budget

Blacksheep 2012-02-27 But what they should do is raise taxes ...

Blacksheep TV#17: Riot

Blacksheep 2012-02-21

Black sheep white sheep: who’s cartoon is it anyway?

Naomi Meyer, Blacksheep 2012-02-14 LitNet has been publishing the cartoon strip for a few months now. Naomi Meyer asked the creators of the cartoon to give LitNet readers some background to the strip. She wanted to talk to the humans drawing the strip. Strangely enough, she didn’t receive the answers from the person she thought she’d e-mailed.

BlackSheep TV #16: Facebook

Blacksheep 2012-02-13 Sometimes you want to check out your own photos, but then they show up on someone else’s page.

BlackSheep TV #15: Outsourcing

Blacksheep 2012-02-06 The US election! This Republican candidate is so dodgy!

BlackSheep TV #14: Virgin Active

Blacksheep 2012-02-01 Malema's in trouble for not paying his ANC membership ...

BlackSheepTV #13: Limpopo

Blacksheep 2012-01-24 Limpopo government's payroll

BlackSheepTV #12: Parking meters

Blacksheep 2012-01-16 Suddenly there's a parking meter outside my house and I have to pay!

BlackSheepTV #11: Semantics

Blacksheep 2011-12-19

BlackSheepTV #10: Twitter

Blacksheep 2011-12-12

BlackSheepTV #9: Aids

Blacksheep 2011-12-05

BlackSheepTV #8: Secrecy Bill

Blacksheep 2011-11-28

BlackSheepTV #7: COP 17

Blacksheep 2011-11-21