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Blacksheep TV #35: Nando’s

Blacksheep 2012-06-27 The blacksheep characters debate where the Nando’s advertisement is shown.

Blacksheep TV #34: Sangoma

Blacksheep 2012-06-19 The blacksheep characters discuss the mysterious ways of the sangoma in today’s cartoon.

Blacksheep TV #33: Die Stem

Blacksheep 2012-06-11 The blacksheep characters discuss the Springbok team and Die Stem ...

Blacksheep TV #32: SKA

Blacksheep 2012-06-04 One of the blacksheep characters does not quite understand what the abbreviation SKA means ...

Blacksheep TV #31: The Spear

Blacksheep 2012-05-30 Statistically speaking every person in South Africa has written five articles or blog entries about The Spear!

Blacksheep TV #30: Tribute

Blacksheep 2012-05-21 The blacksheep characters discuss the different ways of paying tribute.

Blacksheep TV #29: Twacism

Blacksheep 2012-05-14 The lingo on Twitter is pretty complicated, as the cartoon characters in this BlacksheepTV cartoon discover.

Blacksheep TV #28: Neotel

Blacksheep 2012-05-07 Neotel is Telkom’s competition. But will Neotel actually install their first phone line?

Blacksheep TV #27: Telkom

Blacksheep 2012-05-01 Why does Felix go to the mall every week for the last seven weeks to check if the Telkom shop has any modems in stock? Why does he not simply phone them?

Blacksheep TV #26: Cool names

Blacksheep 2012-04-23 This week blacksheep ponders a guy trying to be cool – why does coolness not come naturally to him?

Blacksheep TV #25: bands

Blacksheep 2012-04-17 International bands coming to South Africa

Blacksheep TV #24: e-tags

Blacksheep 2012-04-10 What? For not having an e-tag?

Blacksheep TV #23: Cape Town

Blacksheep 2012-04-02 I was just in Cape Town and I don't agree with everyone that it's racist.

Blacksheep TV #22: Darwin

Blacksheep 2012-03-26 Is it true that Darwin said we all come from monkeys?

Blacksheep TV#21: Scot Scott 2010

Blacksheep 2012-03-19 The Kony 2012 campaign is brilliant!