Annie Gagiano

Annie Gagiano lectures in the English Department of the University of Stellenbosch, specialising in the area of the African Anglophone novel. She is the author of the study Achebe, Head, Marechera: On Power and Change in Africa (Boulder/London: Lynne Rienner, 2000).

Opgedateer/Updated: 2006-09-01
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African Library: The Last Will and Testament of Senhor da Silva Araújo by Germano Almeida

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2015-08-28

"As continental Africans we tend to 'forget' the inclusion in its territorial circumference of several island states adjacent to the main land mass, the small multi-island state of Cape Verde ..."

African Library: Return to Dar al-Basha by Hassan Nasr

Annie Gagiano English 2015-07-07

"Who will restore my beautiful dreams to me? Who will restore Shama to me? Who will restore my childhood?"

African Library: Dust by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor

Annie Gagiano Books and writers 2015-05-05

"Dust is a major novel – a complex text that takes on a huge topic: no less than nearly five decades of Kenya’s fraught history, linked to the experiences of a core of characters who are either members of, or whose stories are entangled with, an unusual family from the dry, far north of Kenya."

African Library: The Naked Gods by Chukwuemeka Ike

Annie Gagiano 2015-03-03 "A prize-winning author in his country of origin and also king of an Aro town in Eastern Nigeria, Ike is an alumnus of Ibadan University and his writing has a sophisticated satirical edge."

African Library: Yoruba Girl Dancing by Simi Bedford

Annie Gagiano 2014-12-16 "Though she exists only in fiction, Remi is an unforgettable character whose humane and spirited nature recognises the ugly, unnecessary barriers that many non-African people continue to put up against Africans for ridiculous reasons, impoverishing their lives."

African Library: The Crippled Dancer by T Obinkaram Echewa

Annie Gagiano 2014-10-29 "Echewa’s novel proceeds as quietly as its protagonist and his grandfather to demonstrate profound insights into the difficulties of negotiating the changing African scene and into the vital need to do so with courage and patience."

African Library: The Case of the Socialist Witchdoctor and Other Stories by Hama Tuma

Annie Gagiano 2014-08-29 "In his author’s note to this text, Hama Tuma declares his belief 'that Ethiopian reality is stranger (and more horrible) than fiction'."

African Library: The Yacoubian Building by Alaa al-Aswany

Annie Gagiano 2014-07-02 "You don’t understand because you’re well-off. When you’ve stood for two hours at the bus stop or taken three different buses and had to go through hell every day just to get home ... then you’ll know why we hate Egypt."

African Library: Tears of the Desert – A Memoir of Survival in Darfur

Annie Gagiano 2014-04-29 Tears of the Desert – A Memoir of Survival in Darfur by Halima Bashir with Damien Lewis is a work of testimony and an important addition to the African archive.

African Library: Intimate Strangers

Annie Gagiano 2014-03-04 Intimate Strangers has connections with social anthropological research. Annie Gagiano explains.

African Library: Harare North by Brian Chikwava

Annie Gagiano 2013-12-18 Chikwava’s Harare North ... presents readers with an evocation of conflicted Zimbabwean identities ... and with making lives for themselves in Britain, where so many of their compatriots have inserted themselves ... (T)hey have mockingly re-named London 'Harare North' (Johannesburg being known as 'Harare South')."

Blossoms of the Savannah by HR Ole Kulet

Annie Gagiano Boekrubrieke 2013-10-29

"Ole Kulet evinces profound admiration of most aspects of Maa lifestyle and tradition, and the fact that he writes this novel from an insider’s perspective strengthens the validity of his balanced representation of a fraught issue and a valuable African culture."

African Library: The Forbidden Woman

Annie Gagiano 2013-08-27 "Indeed, the entire text could be read as exhortation and inspiration; the contribution of an Algerian woman who left her country physically, but remains passionately committed to her country and to those of her compatriots who share her passion for freedom."

African Library: Tropical Fish

Annie Gagiano 2013-06-26 "Yet mostly it vividly depicts how young Africans in our time are learning about life; making many mistakes, but also developing life skills and professional expertise."

African Library: Oil on water

Annie Gagiano 2013-05-02 Habila, a poet as well as a prize-winning novelist, has been a journalist in Lagos like the main character (Rufus) of his novel ...