"Ally" by Lara Putter

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I never said goodbye, so my hello should do
Why don't you come back?
We can drink wine and take midnight walks
Ally, come back home

You've changed your mind more than once
But these broken promises, I'll swear I'll try to fix
If you give me back my love
Ally, I swear to make it the truth

I don't blame you
I wish that I was gone too
Standing on that platform
waiting for me
you departed with my 100th chance

So once again, I'll drink wine
And think of that time that I could call you mine
Drunkenly, I'll stumble through this night
And I'll think of that time

Lock your doors
And remove your heart
‘Cause I'm coming for you once more

Be stubborn with your love
Cause I'll burn you through my cigarette
Ally, Ally, Ally be strong
End it for me

I'll run with your faith
And crush it under my childish play
Hurt my feelings
And turn my words to mould
‘Cause your silver hair
turns my every lie into a truth
Your rose-coloured lips
turns my reason into excuse

Ally, I'll break you once more
So don't come here, don't come near
So make this my last hello
You shouldn't come back
‘Cause this wine has turn to vinegar
‘Cause the sun is up
So Ally, wake me up
And don't come back

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