"You make my day" by Sadie-Lee Hansen

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Preferred Band/Artist: BlackByrd

Verse 1:
It was one of those mornings
I couldn't get out of bed
The alarm kept screaming
Work running through my head
No time for morning coffee
Got a million things to do
And just when I think I'm out of luck
I get that text from you

I've been singing along to the radio
Got a smile on my face because of you
You know

You know, how to brighten my day on any occasion
And I, Love how you fit into the equation
No matter what the situation, you make my day
And I see beauty in the rain

Verse 2:
The boss is yelling orders
My cars got a flat
It always seem like one step forward
and two steps back
Im on the verge of crying
And then I get your call
Your voice drowns out the crowd and I
Forget I was upset at all



Everyone tends to have those days
When nothing's going right
But I just need to, remind myself I have you
and I know I'm gonna be just fine

You know, how to brighten my day on any occasion
And my, bad days don't fit into the equation
Cos I'm in love with our situation
When you make my day
So bring on the beautiful rain

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