"Weekend music" by Gareth Robertson

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Weekend music

I've been coming down off it
since Saturday night
We've hit the lunch hour Friday
Now I'm prepping for flight
Got the speakers pumping
on the way to my door
Phone's blaring in my pocket
since a quarter to four

I pull the system out
Set the volume to kill
Credit cards maxed out
at the grocery till
‘Cause when the sun dips low
and the freaks all arrive
We're gonna blow this show
Set the weekend alight

I've been selling myself from nine to five
Saving all my wishes for the weekend drive

Go on and say, say, say
what you're wanting to say
We won't play, play, play
like you want us to play
I've kept my fun tied up
Kept my tongue in my mouth
But now the weekend's coming
and I'm letting it out

We've been knocking holes through
to the twilight zone
Got the metro beat banging
on the radio phone
Feeds streaming this live,
Google's lost all its chrome
You'd better go hard, baby,
or you’d better go home

I'm spending all my life
with my nose to the grind
Trading in my time
just so I can unwind
So if the phone doesn't ring
leave your voice at the tone
and keep your ears turned out
for when this party explodes

(Chorus 2)
We've been throwing it out
since the lights went low
We're not slowing it down
Till the morning shows
So keep your girls all handy
Keep your boys in sight
‘Cause it's the weekend, baby
And we're doing it right








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