Virginia Woolf’s River Ouse (an experimental poem in eleven haiku)

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History revised –
Grit. Wild goose chase into glacier land.
Drenched. Soaked with illness. 

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A home. A palace –
Lessons in wilderness thirst.
Walls of thread and stars.
Encyclopedia –
Ephemera mapped in cells.
Porcelain circles.
Beautiful stranger –
Your bones are mortal. They sing.
Worship mischief’s sun.
Quote proper hunger –
Open this blessed world’s handbook.
Wings have facts. Ropes.
I must kiss the fire-tigers –
Mountains, flames. They’re all the same.
The sky is a brilliant net.
Silver with fishes –
It has that kind of patience.
Beating wretchedly.
Bird don’t fly away –
I need to hear your dream songs.
Sing. Give me your gift.
They are like manna –
Bird on wires. Where’s your compass?
Search Woolf’s voyage out.
Curiosity –
Flowers did not kill her. Bulbs.
She did not have gills.
Soil is beautiful –
She has a halo. This whale.
Now we find closets.

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