"Untitled" by Joel Nkadimeng

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Check it, no more frustration now
I'm elevated, escalated. I'm electrocuted
No more first floor, now busy staircasing
I got the blueprint of this building now
I'm John Rockerfell-ing

I flow like the ink in this pen
while you got to write your wrongs
and stay out of the pen
Zuluboy, Love's Faded
Genocide in Rwanda is fresh
like my pay cheque ain’t stale yet

I mean no disrespect to Kigali
but we got to fight our own battles like Mohammed Ali
We need a change, can't be stuck in this chair like Robert Mugabe
I stand for peace, tired of seeing my people bleed
My heart is bleeding, that morphine killing
my people faster than speed is
They talking about change I can't hear them
turn up The Volume

Zim dollars, their words got no value
I'm feeling this, the social networks
be feeding us, they killing us
We stronger than the Hutus
Nobel we are, keeping the peace like Tutu
Of course we can win, this ain’t no hoodoo
Terrible hallucinations
God, give Africa a second chance

Can't get away from the bad
it keeps coming back like what we left in the past
What's the solution
I don't know, should we fast like the Muslims?
Which scripts do we read, was Jesus a Jew?
From the Genesis straight through to the Book of Proverbs
There's no end to the Manuscript, we defying Revelations
Adam ate the fruit, was that the initial ending?

To my people, God knows we just got to play all the courses
Win it like Louis at The Open
I thought I heard Bob Marley say time will tell
No woman, no cry, this pain I feel
Im’a keep running, can't get no fatter
In the end we toast and celebrate, Semenya Caster
Wish we could go back to Noah, nah, now it ain’t funny
We still Badu-ing it though, long live Hani

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