Umhobe | Anthem

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Obu bomi bunzima inene!

Kwilizwe eligcwele inzondo nengxabano,
Kwilizwe elithwele umsindo nesigwebo,
Apho iyantlukwano ithe gca okwekat’ehlungwini,
Izixhobo zenzondo ziyalolana,
Obu bomi bunzima.

Ithini intsingiselo yale ntlungu?
Apho uxhatshazo lwanda khona,
Ithini intsingiselo yesijwili?
Apho imiqamelo iqukuqele ziinyembezi,
Obu bomi inene bunzima.

Toyitoyani, batsho!
Votani, batsho!
Thethani, batsho!
Ngubani onendlebe?
Inene obu bomi bunzima.

Iintliziyo zaphukile,
Yena kodwa usondele,
Indlela yokuphila,
Likhona na ithemba
Kobu bomi bunzima inene?

Inga ubani nobani,
Angakhangela enzulwini yembilini,
Hleze likhona ithontsi,
Ithontsi lokukhanya,
Lilo lodwa esithembele kulo

In a world full of hate and strife
Where anger and judgement are rife
Where our differences are highlighted by fools
As a means for fearmongering tools
It’s hard to find meaning in this life

How do you find meaning in heartache and pain
In a place where things stay the same
Where our women are abused and maimed
Where those who hurt feel no shame
How do you find meaning in this life?

Protest they say
Vote they say
Speak they say
Be the change they say
It’s hard to find meaning in this life

But nonetheless I hope
I cling to its promises to cope
As a means of survival
Hope brings forth my revival
Its new dawn a prayer for survival

I hope those who need it find peace
That the anger and hatred shall cease
May we all regain some love
And the kindness given from above
May our land be as pure as a dove

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