"The United States of Africa" by Poorly an Sin

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Preferred Band/Artist: AKA

Give me a beat

Yo, the rhymes I bust, no BlackByrd could sing
Ubuntu, ubuntu, it's got a cheerful ring
Ubuntu, ubuntu, together we sing

Music really saves our souls
African, American, The Soil, even Foals

You got to dream big to make it big
Although Africa could never compete with the Stig

America's fresh, but little do they know
Africa the underdog is here to learn, build and grow

A dark past we all did share
We all know realistically life's not that fair

But when reality does hit you in the face
It's good to know we also all share the love of God's saving grace

Without hope there wouldn't be much
For the impoverished, the poor, sadly Africa's crutch

But the underdog
The underdog, a dark horse
An unsuspecting force
Africans we have so much to celebrate
Ambition and drive determines our fate

A leader emerged in the form of Tata Rolihlala
Bafana Bafana, let's Dlala Dlala

2010 another beautiful year
Xenophobics, playas, I humbly ask please have no fear

For when we feel threatened by those who seem to take our jobs
Remember and be thankful for Apple's Steve

Africa we've got ourselves a real gem
We're already sold, no Dragon's Den

Local is lekker, no further you soek
Check me ma, they Instagrammed me on Facebook

We boast the likes of Elon Musk
He's as awesome as Five Roses with Ouma's rusks
Chris Froome what a champion in the yellow jersey
Africa you're the boss, send us mercy
Trevor Noah on the cover of Rolling Stone
Fool say what, could you hold the duck phone?

So you wanna be a rock star, gangster
The Kurt Cobains, the Frank Sinatras

AKA represents Africa the king
Ubuntu, ubuntu together we sing

Take a look and be honest with yourself
Doesn't Africa already host a nation of happiness and wealth?

Good luck to the competition, for the SAMA's you fancy
Straatligkinders, AKA's just upped the ante

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