"The perfect mess" by André Lourens

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When those arms
Lock around me
And squeezes me
So tight

When the thought
Is inside of me
That I have you
For tonight

Remember me

Cause this inner feeling
This inner flame
Is burning
Till the end of days

Another disappointment
Another kiss or two
Another faithful feeling
Reminds me all of you
cause the earth could stop spinning
The sun dim its shine
The stars could lose their twinkle
All compared to you

And how mad they wouldn't be
If you stole mother nature
Just to show them that you
Could stop father time

In some ways you are cheating
In some ways it feels right
But all that I know is
From outside its disguised

But from inside it is better
From inside it is fair
It all just makes sense
In one simple stare

Those eyes look right through me
But not through my soul
They get stuck somewhere between
my head and my lips


I thank you for this feeling
I thank you for a blessing
I thank you for the glory
I thank you for the rest
I thank you for warmth
I thank you for love
But most of all I thank you for the perfect mess

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