"The peace inside my pain" by Chili Stephenson

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Verse 1:
When she walks into the room all my nerves start to shake.
When she looks my way oh man it’s too much to take.
I will always be in peace knowing she comes home to me.
I can breathe again because she has set me free.

Verse 2:
When I’m tired and weary there is a place I love to go
When I can’t believe anything, I just go home
Where her smile is always waiting to pick me up,
from the ground, when I’ve had just about enough

My silence in the screams.
The eye of my hurricane.
The colours in my dreams.
The peace inside my pain.

My heart is beating hard to the sound of her sweet song.
Keeping me from crumbling yeah she always helps me stay strong.
When I can’t see myself through all the trees in the wood!
I know that she’s the reason why I believe that I could!

Verse 4:
Just a step away from being exactly how I dreamed
She is everything and more to how it all first seemed
Deep inside I feel a pressure on my heart sent from above!
And she is the one, yeah she is the one that I love!

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