"The noise" by Marli Visser

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The noise

Verse 1

It’s a wild world out there
And evil often shows its face
We gotta make the world and its leaders aware
We gotta make some NOISE


We gotta fight
To make everything right
To make everything fair
Gotta make the whole world aware
Gotta make some NOISE
For the whole world to hear
To free all the innocent souls

Verse 2

Give a thought to the next generation
They might rule the earth one day
Is it all worth the pain and suffering?
Come on and make some NOISE

Verse 3

Just give a minute of your time
To the lonely kids out there
They got nowhere to go
They got no home
Everybody deserves a second chance


I know that life ain’t fair
But we can make the world a better place
If we all got out there
And each makes a change



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