The missed opportunity

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A regime, such as our current one, is known not only for its actions, but also for its failure to act. History judges harshly, not only the achievements of rulers, but also the omissions by a ruling party to better the lives of all its citizens.

One such marvellous opportunity presented itself when Australian Home Affairs minister, Peter Dutton, invited white South Africans to immigrate to Australia. The ANC could have utilised this opportunity to their benefit. In fact, they should have capitalized on the moment and offered to repatriate all white South Africans to Australia.

Instead, the regime chose to act with fake indignation that Mr Dutton dared to insinuate that white South Africans are treated poorly. This was not out of genuine concern for their white compatriots (they have made it abundantly clear how they feel about light complexion humans), but because any whiff of allegations that South Africa is another African state which preys on its citizens is racist. According to our rulers white South Africans are happy because they are all fabulously rich and they have nothing to complain about!

However, think about it for a minute: without white South Africans, there would be no more racism, no more white monopoly capital, no more white privilege, no more Eurocentrism and, frankly, no more white bodies to irk black revolutionaries. While white South Africans would be living in a country where they would not constantly be vilified and alienated from the broader society, where they would be viewed as human beings and not evil oppressors whose sole life’s mission is to exploit black people, where no racist-socialist policies, which have failed all over the world, will be implemented to destroy everyone’s livelihood.

It would have been a definite win-win situation. Of course, it would cost a pretty penny to effect the repatriation, but white South Africans relinquishing their ‘ill-gotten gains’ such as their properties and businesses could have covered that. Furthermore, it would not be a lengthy process as Mr Dutton promised that white South Africans’ applications would be “expedited”.

In the name of common sense and pragmatism, black South Africans should encourage their government to support the pragmatic solution to the “European question”.

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  • Leo, I cannot agree more. The problem however will be, who will the regime (majority) blame for their failures and incompetincies. If you want to hit a dog, you will always find a stick. It crossed my mind at one stage of my life to pack my bags and leave the shores. Unfortunately I cannot as I belong here. I shed blood sweat and tears here. The main reason is, why should I leave? I would rather stick it out and irritate the crap out of them.

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