"Sugarplum" by Eldavinn Davids

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Love me in the pouring rain
Love me beneath the stars
Love me in your loving room
even though you're from Venus and I am from Mars

Hold my hand and never let go
Kiss me on my heart
Please take good care of it
Because we are off to a flying start

When they said some were meant to be
I think they were talking about you and me
Even though they didn't know us at all
We were like two fish swimming
round and round and round in a pound
I should have known, that some day

You'd be my sugarplum and I'd be you're twinkly toes
Together we could conquer the world
and tomorrow nobody would know
Dance through the sky on cloud 9
I'd be yours and you could be mine
Damn, you are so beautiful
and I love you

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