Submission requirements: Poetry

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Send your poems to [email protected] for consideration – no more than five poems per submission, please. Include your name and contact details in your e-mail. Please specify whether you have been published on PoetryNet before.

Place each poem in a separate word.doc and attach it to your e-mail. Do not submit your poems by placing them in the body of the e-mail. Do not include clip-art or any other images unless they form part of the poem.

Please look over your work carefully before you submit it. Take the time to check the grammar and spelling before sending your poems to PoetryNet. Any submission filled with errors will automatically be rejected. 

We will try to respond to you within a reasonable period regarding the status of your submission, but please be patient and be prepared to wait up to a few weeks. We read all submissions immediately, but like to read them again thoroughly a week later before reaching a decision.

We will contact you via e-mail as soon as your piece(s) have been reviewed. 

Only poems that are of publishable quality will be placed on PoetryNet. Please read some of the other poems appearing on this site before submitting your poems. Poems not selected for placement on PoetryNet may be published on our poetry blog. Please make it clear in your e-mail if you do not want your poems to appear on the poetry blog. 

You retain all rights to your work. We cannot, unfortunately, provide feedback and editing suggestions. For advice from writers and editors to improve your writing, click here.


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