Song for the dumped

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Song for the dumped
(for Ambronese)

    I make the telephone call,
    even though I don’t really
    want to. I search for cool
    words, the right language.
    I’m searching for you, but
you’re difficult to find. You’re
    not on any map, and every
    road is covered in darkness.
    I imagine you (the golden
    breakthrough of you). The
    golden light of you that is
    only found in a museum.
    You’re a woman now. No
    longer a girl. Of all of you
that is so necessary to me for me to live
    and think of laughter while I live and

    work in another city. This
is what I want to say. You’re so
beautiful. Yours is a rock
face. Twin flesh making me giddy.
You make me weak. There’s
a music school inside my head.
I think of you sitting down or
washing the dishes. Eating
a simple meal, never understanding
how much I love you. How
much I need you in my life.
Your voice is tender and sweet on the other end of
the line. Your flame is bright.

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