"Smile" by Lucky Mpho Soul

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Your smile is a beautiful smile
It comes straight from your heart
Your smile shines like a beacon
The love in it tears me apart
Your smile shows in your eyes
It’s pure and joyous to see
Smile at the sky
It’s so pretty
It sets me free when I’m sad
Smile, it will never cost a dime
Then why do I have to tell you every time
Your smile is magic, brings hearts together with a package of love which stays forever
That smile, that finds me in the crowd
The one that lights up the room and makes the world not seem so loud
When I’m happy, I go outside to see her smile, it is like an angels wings flapping while the angel sings
Her smile will always show
Watching your love continue to grow
Her smile is worth a lifetime to see
Smile girl, smile! Always smile!
Smile all life and smile in style
Smiling makes one worriless and makes you happy and less tense
A smile like yours brings up my spirit
A smile like yours is bright and pretty
A smile like yours can change my mood
I can go from sad to happy in a second or two
It brings joy to all of us brightens up our day
A smile is like a sunshine shining the universe
In your smile I see happiness
In your smile I see love
Your smile makes me happy
Your smile makes me laugh
I love your smile
For a smile is something special that
Could brighten up a day, smile
When you smile, the whole world smiles with you
When you smile, you make me want to smile too
When you smile the whole room smiles with you
When you smile, butter melts and I do too
Even if it’s not ’cause of me her smile has given a lot of care just because it was there
Her smile fills you with the ambition to make her joy your mission

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