"Searching" by Liza Mirò Combrinck

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My heart is yearning
My soul is burning
for something yet unknown
I feel so small
I have to crawl
despite how much I’ve grown
I feel so empty
despite the plenty
I receive from day to day
And anything I get
could yet
be simply swept away

Is it for the better, is it for the worse?
Every one my blessings just a hidden curse
My answers are all obsolete
My life is always incomplete
Where’s the more I’m searching for?

I’m weak, I’m strong
I’m right, I’m wrong
I feel too young, too old
I know too much, yet not enough
And there’s still too much untold
I run from all authority
I run from all minority
I run from myself at times
I don’t know what I’m running for
I don’t know what I’m gunning for
I commit both heroics and crimes


Contradictions rule my heart and mind
I’m never sure of what I’ll find
My hate and love could be the same
My mind is bordering insane
I live for everything and nothing
and I rebel without cause
I live my life fast forward
and I never press on pause


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