"Rookies of the year" by Zuko Jaho

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Preferred Band/Artist: AKA

Verse 1:
Rap Dummy, Hlala Phantsi, Phuz`Tjwala
Even if Ungena Mali
Verstaan Jy Sbali
African slick with that accent, So kasi like, Ask Trevor about me there laarnie, Nomakanjani
We work hard, it’s a job 9 - 5, swagg Nine Nine, don't hate, gaaard daem we lovely,
No more Tiara, please add more Nandi`s , fast Chuck, we hurry
Serve you raps with a bunny chow so halaal, white lipz coz ya’ll so hungry, you heard?
Ish so yummy,
Ya’ll just be patient I’ll be there like Arnold, claps please welcome my second coming like Rihanna with her razor - slice
How cunning

Applauding the rookies of the year
Put your hands high, yeah way the above the ear
Now wave, shake, throw it in the air
Salute to fellas representing us yeah

Applauding the rookies of the year
Put your hands high, yeah way above your hair
I'm not commanding, the whole truth is A dare
Can you bare?
Track so hot ’cause I'm the only one here!

Verse 2:
Lyric so hard, het applause from my credit card
Brothers wanna stunt, gents better grab bikes
Odd one out got Jordans with spikes, get thumb ups, never give hikes
Rather lift you, honcho`s head up, need an off route, I’ll Daem Double- up
Game is a jungle boys gotta man-up, bumping in your radio make it sound like I'm saying sup
Down from bubbling under now we out cheat popping up charts
Watch us whilst we fly, whilst you still driving carts

Chorus 2:
Applauding all rookies of the year
Meant what I said, is all of it clear?
Are your hands still in the air
Hip-hop rookie here, better stop looking and stare

Applauding all rookies of the year
Lyrics so hard, ya’ll still there?
Delivering punch lines like I'm at he Rand Show Fair
Fans showing love, ladies, squeeze me like a talking teddy bear

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