"Music's getting old" by Gareth Robertson

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Music's getting old

We've been moving in this place
for lifetimes
While our shadows give chase
on the wall
Trading back and forth
like a knife fight
And still we're coming
back for more

There's a hazard in the way
you move it
Keeps the party running
to the floor
Got the devil in your thighs
and you use it
Ain’t nobody here who
can ignore

You slap my face
I grab your wrist
The music plays
We start to twist
We're never-ending
under the lights
Your moves like venom
inside me tonight

We've been dancing on this floor
for so long
But now the music's getting
kind of old
Didn't think I'd keep pace
without your embrace
Tonight I'm dancing by myself

Now the DJ's throwing out
‘Cause your body spells death
on the floor
And the strobe light feels like
stop sign
A warning flashing
on your door

No time to stop
No time to stare
We move in sync
Going nowhere
I bring the rhythm
You bring the bass
We come together
Nothing escapes

(Chorus 2)
We've been dancing in this place
for lifetimes
While our shadows play games
on the wall
Now the music's changed
and we've been rearranged
Tonight I'm dancing for myself

No need to shout
what you've got to say
I'll hear you out
when the music fades
But keep your sorry,
your give me some time
Our time for dancing
is over tonight







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