"Mother nature" by Jacques Verster

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Mother nature

Well the blue lights of your pool shines
so bright at night and the palms give a tropical vibe.
shoot me me with your muti and duly rule me
hypnotise me with your earthlike eyes
and if you’re right then the moonlight gives rise to the tides
and at night opens up the earth’s eyes
alarm me from this thought tsunami
I know thoughts won't harm me
judging my magnetisation to the sky

Cold souls swoop loops blow smoke that soothes
then pass ancestors to beat their drums
And rhythmically express the heartbeat the pulse,
The so-called resonance of a truth that’s false
A lie … you and I. We were made to be.
intoxicate me
Plant me in Lesotho or Swaziland, plant me in Malawi
plant me in your bedroom let the seeds grow.
Like a hybrid,
the palaeontologist dissects what he found. So profound.
dim the lights and make it darker
‘cause what's concealed, breeds, feeds and frees the needs
of beguiled unlawful souls
or so they’re told.

Serve me on your tectonic plate
we can rub against each other and cause friction
then maybe we can make the earth quake
and give disaster another definition

Enslavement to a definite degree
measured in shakes, Richter scales then sold
to the lowest bidder with the least of needs
with messages from god in books and scrolls

Enslave me. Mother nature; she’s in love with a woman


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