“Melody of tears” by Lucky Mpho

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My melody of tears kept the drive in me
I was so amaze by the tune of things
The view of notes falling by our side, making every moment seem epic
This was our soundtrack
I got so caught in the sound that I almost forgot you were here with me
To share this moment with me

I got reminded by the nudge you hot on my wall... I miss you
Reminded of the times that were I so wished them back but could only look back as I knew backwards Had no destination
There's so much time between you and I not spent
Yet I will not cry over spilt milk but make the most of the fact that I don't have to call you, I get to call you
You have open a door once again and God-willing I am not turning back.

Your eyes tell of times when being a hopeless romantic
And making an idiot of oneself in the name of love was cool
I'm a mess and I see hope bring brought closer as you draw me nearer to you
Your passion for our Lord drives crazy, I love it
Your random moments make me feel like I'm in a movie, this can't be real

My melody of tears is a symphony to what may be loves greatest story - T and L
So here I am once again...at the edge of a cliff and hoping you'd catch
I know you have a lot on your plate and me being is what I believe to be an answered prayer

My melody of tears is a peaceful stream to happiness
Hold my hand - I'll lead you only in the ways of Christ for that's all I know trust
So with my chest wide open I expose my heart and open it's door
And the door reads "welcome home, it's been long overdue"

You are my melody of tears, hope

To be continued

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