Lyric writing tips from Tumi and the Volume

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1) What was your first thought when you were asked to get involved with the Sing 'it competition?

I had heard of it from Bittereinder, who did it the previous year, they said it was cool.

2) What do you think are the benefits of a competition like this?

Well it's fun for us, but imagine if you have any interest or passion for songwriting or writing in general it would light a fire under your ass to know that a professional band might make it a song.

3) Do you think local artists pay enough attention to their lyrics?

I honestly wouldn't be able to tell unless you knew their process. I can tell you this, I write everyday. 

4) Hypothetical situation - you decide to enter Sign 'it, what would your crowning glory lyric be?

Blame game loser
Apartheid, white hate 
god damn Zuma
Your granddad’s tumour
Go be the great you coulda shoulda

5) Any tips to those entering if they want to catch your lyrical eye?

Reinvent the wheel by not reinventing the wheel.


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