"Lion's Den" by Andre Lotter

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Lion's Den

Just believe
and you will see
It'll come your way
Don't deceive
You feel relieved
and there's not much left to say
Roads become rivers
It’s summer, no shivers
And now we're swimming in our way
River flow you
Send me slow
Skin as red as red as clay

Summer breeze
You feel at ease
feeling lazy for the day
Lazy, hazy, crazily lazy
Wishing all the world to stay
Just start living
and forgiving
Love for all
will come your way
But the fire below
is far from slow
And it’s rising like a flame in hay

And then you know
why the river flows
from its source
to your toes
Infinite meanings
Treasures in gleanings
Oh, to dance beneath
the stars
To sing and play
in a natural way
Demon's speak
as information leaks
To sing and dance
beneath the stars
Invincible force
The ultimate resource
To sing and dance beneath
the stars

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