"Lefatshe Le (This World)" deur Gosiame Ntshole

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Lefatshe Le (This World)

Verse 1
Ba batla go re thibela, ba ka se kgone (They want to block us, but they can’t)
Ba batla go re emisa. Ha ba re bone (They want to stop us, but they can’t see us)
Ba batla go re lapisa, mare ba bora (They want to make us tired, but they are boring)
Ba batla go re swabisa, ba na le mona (They want to make us sad, they’re just jealous)

Ke lefatshe la bo mang lena? Ke lefatshe la rona! (Who’s world is this? This is our world!) x 4

Verse 2
Ba batla go re sogela, ba ka se fitlhe (They want to start something, but they won’t reach us)
Ba batla go re fetella, mare ba ka se fete (They want to pass us, but they will not pass)
Ba batla go re gatella, ha ba e gope (They want to oppress us, but they won’t get anywhere)
Ba batla go re shapella, neva ba loke (They want to beat us down, they will not be right)


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