"Goodbye" by Sinethemba Khumalo

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Air filled with laughter
Games played with my daughter
It never stopped, it wouldn't pop
I thought I was complete
When it dawned upon us
That you were no more
I felt the earth stop moving
My mind stuck on its axis
The sun never shone again
Who was there to blame?
Who was there to explain?
Who would dare come forward?
Who would care?
Who would?
It felt like

The sky fell on me
Together with the moon
The walls felt smaller
What's my will to live?
Got no spirit to give
I'm cornered
You were here, but now you're no more

So it's true what you put us through
Should have seen it coming
You were coward from the start
Never brave to play your part
And I thought you were smart
Damn, so much for being in love
What do I tell her?
How do I tell her?
That you no more?
That you committed suicide?
She's just seven, would be better if she was in heaven
My eyes are worn out from grief
But I must be stronger in being a wife
Even though it feels like

I'm alone torn apart from the world
This is not how I imagined love
And I thought family was forever
That we be tight till whatever
Yeah, yeah, this pain stings like a scorpion
Slowly killing me

We're gonna be okay
We have to be okay
But where do we begin
To pick up where you left us?
If we could just see you again
Guess this is goodbye
Like we've never seen it before

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