"Good enough to eat – or drink" by Malcolm Norton

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I once met a girl who was awfully nice
Not sugar and spice
More like curry and rice
To be precise
Just my cup of tea
However, it seems
She was not meant for me
She said goodbye forever
And walked out of my dreams

Have you ever had a girl who walked right out of your dreams?
Believe me when I tell you, it’s quite as bad as it seems

Now in case you might be thinking
That I lost my appetite
Well, I did, and took to drinking
Something very much stronger than tea
Let’s hear it for filter coffee!
I’d chew tobacco sooner than toffee
If it means I’ll keep my teeth in my head
I lost my breath when that sweet girl said

That she once met a guy who was lawfully wed
To some other girl
Lost his head in a whirl
Wind romance with a pearl
Whose world was his oyster
However, it seemed
This boy was not meant for her
He said goodbye forever
He was not what she’d dreamed

She had never had a man before who walked into her dreams
And stalked right on out again, driving her to extremes

Now, in case you might be thinking
That she lost her appetite
Well, she did and took to sinking
Litres of stuff far stronger than tea
Nothing cheers her like Irish whiskey

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