Finalists | Sing 'it 2012

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Listen, download and vote for your favourite Sanlam Sing 'it song. The song with the most votes wins the writer R50 000, with a R50 000 music video for the artist. Remember, you only have one vote, so make it count!


Zaki on why she chose Jo's lyrics:

"Beautiful poetry, descriptive and metaphoric, left open to interpretation.With strong imagery, feeling words and imaginative perception, yet it’s simple and stark."


ekhouvanjou,okay! on why they chose Engela's lyrics:

"We chose the winner because of the lyrics that best suit our style of music. It was fun choosing the lyrics and this one really stood out."



3rd World Spectator on why they chose Adam's lyrics:

"Out of all the lyrics we received, one stood out just because the title is such a grabber. The most exciting thing about this lyric is the fact that it inspired us to experiment with a type of sound our band has never explored before, and just for that it deserves the recognition. The way Adam wrote this song just tells us that he'll be a winning songwriter with a bright future."




Tumi and the Volume on why they chose Matt's lyrics:

"We got a lot of entries and they were dope, but Matt seemed the most sincere and the most interesting to try and interpret."

Zinkplaat on why they chose Dawid's lyrics:

“Ons wenner, Dawid van Vuuren, se lirieke het uitgestaan. Dit is poëties, ritmies en het daardie trefkrag wat nodig is om 'n goeie lied te wees. Ons het dit gevoel en sien uit om die note onder die lirieke neer te lê!”

Louise on why she chose Nicki's lyrics:

“I chose my finalist as the lyrics were beautifully crafted, timeless and not too depressing. I was instantly inspired to put music to the words.”


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