"Decoyed composure" by Thabang Ramonwana

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Decoyed composure

His creeping darker thoughts
sang with mortal voice unchanged in a minute, was compass round
to an uncompassionate moment
Reflected internal darkness and horror shot that blasted with equal rage
treble confusion that never stops gnawing at his sanity
For its power, repulsed and weaken a shining star within
Shut the brain vessels for a minute
And through the palpable obscuring, his whole being was buried in the arms
accompanied by blaming tears burst forth in the darker nights
Magnified the horror within, let nature's uncompassionate glimmer
drown and swallow a young soul with a force that reigns and dwells with anxiety
A demon that can't be compared to any firepower
For its force left a young soul crawling and floating on nature concealed darkness

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