"Cruisin'" by Ndimphiwe Sityata

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When you wake up in the morning
and you stretch and start yawning
Then you reach for my pillow
but you feel that it’s cold
That’s when you open your eyes
and you start to realise
that I can’t be by your side, baby
Till death do us part, that’s just not my style
Goodbye I’ll be cruisin’

Like Tom and Penelope, I’ll be cruisin’
Oh yeah, I’ll be cruisin’ (x2)

If you take a look outside
Don’t look for me, ‘cause you won’t find me anywhere
If you try to dial my number
it’s unavailable, I’m no longer a subscriber
Try your luck with a detective
She might find me if she’s fine and seductive
But baby, I can’t be by your side
For better or worse that’s just not my style
Goodbye, I’ll be ...


Baby, goodbye, goodbye
maybe I’ll see you later
Couldn’t wait for you to wake up left a note, it’s on the table
Last night was just fine, but I know I need greater
I really hate to break up, make up I won’t be able
I’m gone out of dodge at dawn, driving a drop-top
By the time you read this I’m cruisin’ with my Locs on
Starring through my rear view, steering to the border
If I land up in a sand dune I won’t miss you like water

Girl, I tried so hard, this just ain’t enough
Please don’t fall apart, I just fell out of love
‘Cause you stress too much and you’re so jealous
Plus your cooking sucks
That’s why I’m cruising


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  • 3


  • WoW! I've read some of the lyrics here but this is real story-telling. I can already imagine the music video in my head...It happens a lot and guys leave the girls after a one-night stand, cheating or something like that, Nice one Ndimphiwe, You have to get that 50K and some band has to like this or else...what are they looking for?

    Talente! I hope u have more lyrics.

  • WoW! I have read some of the lyrics on this site and THIS is a real hitmaking submission. I can already imagine the music video, the way this is written is a real good story-teller. I also like the use of Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz because they were once dating and the I can sing it easier than most I've read. Nice one Ndimphiwe, If a band doesn't pick this, I don't know what they are looking for. I hope u have another hit to bank in those 5Ks cos the 50K should be yours.

  • iCherrie eFit

    Is that how you gonna just up and leave? I don't want to give you my number..LOL!

    It's nice shame...I love it, Good luck hope u getttit $$$$

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