"Bullet to the head" by Jannie Smit

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Bullet to the head

And you can’t have all my money and you can’t have all my fun
I’m a straight arrow, a sun of a gun
I’m a lone ranger a tall dark stranger walking at you
So I draw for my gun and you draw me a little closer
You whisper in my ear and you set things in motion
For me, for me

And your love is like a bullet to the chest
I’m no bullet proof vest
but I’ll bleed love for you (x2)

And you get my blood pumping and you take over my mind
you’re like witchcraft, magic potions aside
Somebody scream danger
this could be the game changer
For me, for me


And you got your eyes locked on
Wanna break away, I wanna break away
But for some reason I just keep holding on
And on and on and on


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