"Better than this" by Jenna Potgieter

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Better than this

They mark me with the sins of all
With one look at what I am
They see the ragged clothes and dirt
Think please they’re just a scam
I know there’s something beyond this place
Away from these street lights
Beyond these threadbare blankets and cloaks
That cause so many fights
I’ve heard them talk of wondrous things
Of places not far away
I’m sure if places like that exist
They’d welcome me to stay?
I watch the people walking past
And wait for them to see
The little boy who wants to live
The dream of being free
Free from empty stomachs
And pressure from the thugs
Free from all the killings
And the draw of easy drugs
I want to know that life will give
Something more than this
My own private little place to carve
A piece of splendid bliss
I dream of this as I drift to sleep
Among the garbage bags
I dream that those are puffy throws
These clothes are more than rags
For when I open sleep-filled eyes
To a new day on the street
There will be someone waiting there
To make my life complete

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