"Backseat living" by Gareth Robertson

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Backseat living

Can you get right out of my head
I haven't figured out a way
to put these thoughts to bed
Each time I think I'm getting ahead
You knock me back into my seat
and leave me holding threads

It's like I'm living in a dream
I keep on following forever
But you're never here
How can you leave me in a dream
When I've been holding on forever
trying to make you see

I'm always stuck here in the back seat
Trying to move a heart of concrete
Seems like I'm always on the front line
Just trying to earn a bit of your time
And still the sky blacks out
on another day
You find me stuck back here
in the same old space
Feels like I'm living all my life
waiting in the back seat

Could we get this over and done
Come on and tell it to me straight,
you're only having fun
Because I think I'm coming undone
You keep on cutting at the line
But I keep hanging on

It's like you lead me by the hand
then leave me waiting on the corner
trying to understand
How can you lead me by the hand
then leave me sitting in the corner
with my head in my hands







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