Zonwabele Tshayana

Zonwabele, also known as Blackie, is a social activist, a poet, a writer and an entrepreneur. He has worked as a consultant across various fields, but mostly within the health and education sector, specialising on systems strengthening. As an activist, his main focus is on community development, youth empowerment, political and economic reforms, as these are the tools that can have a major impact in changing the lives of our people, especially young ones.

Blackie was born in Cape Town, and grew up in Ngcobo, Eastern Cape. He is a twin, a big brother to two young ladies, a husband to Cwayita, and a father to Owothando and the twins, Cwenga and Chulumanco. He has been living with HIV for the past 21 years, and has been living with depression since 2007, though he only accepted the diagnosis in 2016, after struggling with the disorder.

The advent of fee-free education and the future of universities in South Africa

Zonwabele Tshayana Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2018-01-09

"It has been long coming that as a country we follow in the footsteps of countries like Zimbabwe, Germany, Cuba and Libya, which provide free education. We can find the money, whether through belt-tightening, fighting corruption and illicit siphoning of funds from the country, and/or through increasing corporate tax."