Yoshna Kooverjee

Dr Yoshna Kooverjee is a senior lecturer at Nelson Mandela University’s medical school and a medical doctor with an interest in bioethics and addiction medicine. She completed her medical degree at Wits in 1999 and returned to the Eastern Cape where she practiced in the public and private sector. Her postgraduate qualifications include Diploma in Mental Health (CMSA), Postgraduate Diploma in General Practice (FPD) and Postgraduate Diploma in Addiction Care (Stell). Dr Kooverjee also holds a master’s degree in Applied Ethics (Bioethics) (Stell).

#CrazySocks4Docs celebrated at the Nelson Mandela University

Yoshna Kooverjee, Izak de Vries Interviews 2022-06-03

"Studying towards a medical degree is extremely demanding and studies show that medical students around the world have high rates of depression and anxiety, even in the preclinical years of training. Awareness and knowledge are the first steps to prevention, and as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!"