Tristen Taylor

Tristen Taylor is a journalist and photographer who publishes in, amongst others, Business Day, Sunday Times, Africa Confidential and Christian Science Monitor. He is also a Fellow in the Department of Philosophy, Stellenbosch University. Visit his website at

So long Boris and thanks for nothing

Tristen Taylor Opinion 2022-07-08

"That’s why over the past three days, 28 ministers of his government resigned and joined by another 33 deputy ministers and other high-level officials."

Two meetings, two worlds

Tristen Taylor Opinion 2022-06-30

"Africa’s 20th-century history shows the true cost of the world’s powerful countries locked into a struggle for dominance, economic or otherwise."

Having lost control of the escalatory ladder

Tristen Taylor Opinion 2022-04-21

"Putin fears NATO expansion and the loss of his throne. EU countries are scared that Russia will invade them again. Ukraine understandably fears dismemberment. America fears the end of its hegemony. And China is afraid that its rise to great power status will be thwarted. Fear underlies all the guns, bombs and sanctions. It is what lies behind the bellicose statements and absurd propaganda."

The West’s economic war

Tristen Taylor Opinion 2022-03-04

"What wasn’t surprising about the vote on Ukraine at the United Nations General Assembly on 2 March 2022 was that South Africa abstained ... For South Africa’s foreign policy to become focused on human rights again, the left-nationalist power cabal that is the ANC must go ... But underneath, tremendous forces are at play. The world is being reordered and it is unlikely to be in Africa’s favour."

Putin’s invasion and the failure of peace

Tristen Taylor Opinion 2022-02-24

"The war began today (24 February 2022) ... Today represents the world’s failure to find peace for Ukraine. Unfortunately, tomorrow won’t be any better."

A lesson still not learnt

Tristen Taylor Menings 2021-08-19

"Yet the very legitimate criticisms of American actions are not being applied to South Africa’s present involvement in Mozambique’s civil war ... South Africa should not replicate America’s grievous mistakes."

Karima Brown (1967–2021) – We’ve just lost a bit of South Africa’s courage

Tristen Taylor In memoriam 2021-03-05

Tristen Taylor pays tribute to Karima Brown who had passed away from COVID-19 at age 53.