Stefan Benade

Stefan Benade

Theatre Designer and Director based in Cape Town, South Africa, currently working as freelancer within the Entertainment Industry (Theatre, Television and Film.)

Opera and Theatre design are the main focus areas in Production Design with specific focus on lighting and scenic design for Stefan.

Stefan's approach to directing emerges naturally from the idea that directing is another form of design.

In 2019 Stefan's short-film OEDIPUS: Die Musical - 'n Dokumentêr premiered at the Silwerskermfees and were nominated for 8 awards, winning 5 including best short-film and director, amongst others.

Other career highlights includes designing Puccini's La Boheme for director Tara Notcutt; Set Decorator for Christiaan Olwagen's Kanarie and Die Seemeeu; and also propsmaster on Die Spreeus.


'n Onderhoud oor Oedipus by die kykNET Silwerskermfees 2019

Remona Voges, Canya Cruywagen, Stefan Benade Film 2019-08-29

Oedipus: Die musical – ’n dokumentêr  is by hierdie jaar se kykNET-Silwerskermfees met sewe toekenninngs bekroon. Remona Voges het met Stefan Benade (skrywer en regiseur) en Canya Cruywagen (redigeerder) gesels om meer oor dié indrukwekkende kortfilm uit te vind.