Sanabelle Ebrahim

Sanabelle Ebrahim is an eco-art practitioner based in Green Heart City Durban. She holds a Master of Social Science degree in culture, communication and media studies. Her interests include deaf culture, sign language, city identity, placemaking, graphic novels, poetry, board games, publishing and sustainable living activations.

Ebrahim is guided by her high school teacher’s philosophy: “Let reading be your lifestyle.” Appropriating the local eatery as a café studio she is often spotted scanning newspapers and tapping at her keyboard betwixt long sips of coffee.

Sanabelle was awarded “Honours” in the SA Writers College 2017 Short Story Competition for the “Chance meeting”. She attained second place in the South African Writers’ Circle February 2016 Poetry Competition for “Fortuned tapestries”.

Reader impression: Eb Koybie by Ebrahim Essa

Sanabelle Ebrahim Books and writers 2020-04-28

"Eb Koybie has all the elements of a riveting read: daredevil adventure, childhood reminiscences, mystery and mayhem."

ARTiculate Africa 2017: A book and art affair

Mikhail Peppas, Sanabelle Ebrahim Lifestyle and entertainment 2017-10-11

"The showcase engages literature and visual arts enthusiasts in conversations around industry best practices and provides an opportunity for the public to meet bestselling and upcoming writers and artists." Mikhail Peppas and Sanabelle Ebrahim share Visual voice's photos of the festival.