Nechama Brodie

Nechama Brodie

Nechama Brodie has worked as a journalist, editor and publisher for nearly 25 years. During this time, she has dodged the secret police in Burma, explored tunnels underneath Johannesburg, gotten dusty at rock festivals and reported on the myth of “white genocide” in South Africa.

Nechama works as a freelance reporter and has contributed to local and international titles. Her first novel – a supernatural thriller called Knucklebone (Pan Macmillan) – was published in 2018 and was longlisted for the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize (South African fiction) and shortlisted for the Nommo Award (African speculative fiction).

Nechama lives in Johannesburg with her two sons, a magnificent cat, an over-enthusiastic dog, three guitars, one piano and too many books, if there even is such a thing.

  • Photo: Sarah de Pina

Femicide in South Africa – an interview with Nechama Brodie

Cliffordene Norton, Nechama Brodie Books and writers 2020-08-05

"It’s important that we understand that femicide is not something that happens only when there is a big story in the news – but it is systemic, and it has been happening over a long period of time; it exists as part of a broader society that has allowed and encouraged violence to be used as a solution or as a means to an end."