Meng-Hsuan Chou

Meng-Hsuan Chou

Meng-Hsuan Chou is a Nanyang Assistant Professor in the Public Policy and Global Affairs programme at NTU Singapore (2013-), an Associate Fellow at EU Centre Singapore (2013-), and the Convenor of the ECPR Standing Group on the Politics of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation (2016-). 

The changing global higher education landscape: an interview

Hans Pienaar, Meng-Hsuan Chou Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2018-07-26

 "As much as commentators like to argue that many education systems around the world have become more 'anglicised' or 'Americanised', it is important to remember that local actors – and here, I am referring to students – are not passive. Students today are more plugged into the news of the world, and demand that their professors explain the relevance of what is happening 'there', to 'here'."